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CSEF - Center for Studies in Economics and Finance

#585, Claudio Daminato and Mario Padula, The Life-Cycle Effects of Pension Reforms: A Structural Approach

#584, Vincenzo Atella, Edoardo Di Porto, Johanna Kopinska and Maarten Lindeboom, Maternal Stress and Offspring Lifelong Labor Market Outcomes

#583, Jorge Padilla, Salvatore Piccolo and Helder Vasconcelos, On the Private and Social Value of Consumer Data in Vertically-Integrated Platform Markets

#582, Jorge Padilla, Joe Perkins and Salvatore Piccolo, Self-Preferencing in Markets with Vertically-Integrated Gatekeeper Platforms

#581, Timo Autio, Jorge Padilla, Salvatore Piccolo, Pekka Sääskilahti and Lotta Väänänen, On the Risk of Using a Firm-Level Approach to Identify Relevant Markets

#580, Sergio Beraldo, Michela Collaro and Immacolata Marino, Do Harder Local Budget Constraints Affect Patient Mobility?

#579, Francesco Flaviano Russo, Cash Thresholds, Cash Expenditure and Tax Evasion

#578, Brian Nolan, Juan Palomino, Philippe Van Kerm and Salvatore Morelli, Intergenerational Transfers by Size and Wealth Inequality in Rich Countries

#577, Giulia Bettin, Claudia Pigini and Alberto Zazzaro, Financial Inclusion and Poverty Transitions: An Empirical Analysis for Italy

#576, Brunella Bruno, Immacolata Marino, Giacomo Nocera and Andrea Resti, Do Internal Rating Models Mitigate Bank Opacity? Evidence from Analysts’ Forecasts

#575, Francesco Flaviano Russo, Increasing Lab Capacity for Covid-19 Viral Testing

#574, Tullio Jappelli and Luigi Pistaferri, Permanent Income Shocks, Target Wealth, and the Wealth Gap

#573, Enrique Andreu, Damien Neven and Salvatore Piccolo, Delegated Sales, Agency Costs and the Competitive Effects of List Price

#572, Bärd Harstad, Francesco Lancia and Alessia Russo, Policies and Instruments for Self-Enforcing Treaties

#571, Tristan Gagnon-Bartsch, Marco Pagnozzi and Antonio Rosato, Projection of Private Values in Auctions

#570, Francesco Flaviano Russo, Epidemics and Policy: The Dismal Trade-off

#569, Edoardo Di Porto, Paolo Naticchioni and Vincenzo Scutinio, Partial Lockdown and the Spread of Covid-19: Lessons from the Italian Case

#568, Mario F. Carillo and Tullio Jappelli, Pandemics and Local Economic Growth: Evidence from the Great Influenza in Italy

#567, Antonio Abatemarco, Mariagrazia Cavallo, Immacolata Marino and Giuseppe Russo , Age Effects in Primary Education: A Double Disadvantage for Second Generations

#566, Elena Carletti, Tommaso Oliviero, Marco Pagano, Loriana Pelizzon and Marti G. Subrahmanyam, The COVID-19 Shock and Equity Shortfall: Firm-level Evidence from Italy

#565, Maria Rosa Battaggion, Steven Jeremy Ntambi and Salvatore Piccolo, On the Dark Side of Political Stability

#564, Leda Maria Bonazzi, Raffaele Fiocco and Salvatore Piccolo, Vertical Price Restraints and Free Entry Under Asymmetric Information

#563, Marco Pagano, Christian Wagner and Josef Zechner, Disaster Resilience and Asset Prices

#562, Fernando Broner, Alberto Martin, Lorenzo Pandolfi, and Tomas Williams, Winners and Losers from Sovereign Debt Inflows

#561, Andrew Ellul, Marco Pagano, and Annalisa Scognamiglio, Careers in Finance

#560, Maria Gabriella Graziano, Marialaura Pesce and Niccolò Urbinati, Generalized Coalitions and Bargaining Sets

#559, Giovanni Andreottola, Signaling Valence in Primary Elections

#558, Giovanni Andreottola, Flip-opping and Electoral Concerns

#557, Giovanni Andreottola and Antoni-Italo de Moragas, Scandals, Media Competition and Political Accountability

#556, Francesca Calamunci and Francesco Drago, The Economic Impact of Organized Crime Infiltration in the Legal Economy: Evidence from the Judicial Administration of Organized Crime Firms

#555, Paolo Berti, Carla Guerriero and Rosella Levaggi, Hospitals’ Strategic Behaviours and Patient Mobility: Evidence from Italy

#554, Mariagrazia Cavallo and Giuseppe Russo, Lost in Translation: Reading Performance and Math Performance of Second-Generation Children in Italy