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CSEF - Center for Studies in Economics and Finance

Tuesday, 25 September 2018 – h. 13.00
CSEF Seminar - Sébastien Pouget (University of Toulouse 1 Capitole)
The present value relation over six centuries: The case of the Bazacle company (joint with D. le Brisa, W. N. Goetzmannb)
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Tuesday, 2 October 2018 – h. 13.00
CSEF Seminar - Maria Guadalupe (INSEAD)
More Women in Tech? Evidence from a field experiment addressing social identity (joint with Lucía Del Carpio)

Wednesday, 3 October 2018 – h. 13.00
Lunch talk - Salvatore Piccolo (University of Bergamo)
Optimal Delegation to a Biased Regulator
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Tuesday, 9 October 2018 – h. 13.00
CSEF Seminar - Giancarlo Spagnolo (SITE and EIEF)
Past Performance and Procurement Outcomes (joint with Francesco Decarolis, Riccardo Pacini)
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Wednesday, 10 October 2018 – h. 13.00
Lunch talk - Joacim Tåg (Research Institute of Industrial Economics - IFN)
What Prevents Female Executives from Reaching the Top? (joint with Matti Keloharju, Samuli Knüpfer)
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Tuesday, 16 October 2018 – h. 13.00
CSEF Seminar - Massimo Bordignon (Catholic University, Milan & CESifo)
Manager or politician? The e¤ect of local …scal autonomy on political selection (joint with Matteo Gamalerio, Gilberto Turati)
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Wednesday, 17 October 2018 – h. 13.00
Lunch talk - Vincenzo Pezone (Goethe Institute)
The Real Effects of Judicial Enforcement
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Tuesday, 23 October 2018 – h. 13.00
CSEF Seminar - Emilio Calvano (University of Bologna)
Artificial Intelligence and Collusion (joint with Giacomo Calzolari, Vincenzo Denicoló, Sergio Pastorello)
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Wednesday, 24 October 2018 – h. 13.00
Lunch talk - Alessandro Bonatti (MIT Sloan School of Management)
Markets for Information
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Tuesday, 30 October 2018 – h. 13.00
CSEF Seminar - Jin Li (University of Hong Kong)
Firm Growth and Promotion Opportunities (joint with Michael Powell, Rongzhu Ke)
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Tuesday, 6 November 2018 – h. 13.00
CSEF Seminar - Fernando Broner (CREI - Universitat Pompeu Fabra)
Fiscal Multipliers and Foreign Holdings of Public Debt (joint with Daragh Clancy, Aitor Erce, Alberto Martin)
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Tuesday, 13 November 2018 – h. 13.00
CSEF Seminar - Gianmarco León Ciliotta (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)
Accountability, Political Capture and Selection into Politics: Evidence from Peruvian Municipalities (joint with Lukas Kleine-Rueschkamp)
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Wednesday, 14 November 2018 – h. 13.00
Lunch talk - Claudio Rossetti (University of Naples Federico II and CSEF)
Unobserved Heterogeneity in Structural Behavioral Models Using Experimental Data: an application to risk and social preferences under VOI (joint with Giovanni Ponti)

Wednesday, 21 November 2018 – h. 13.00
CSEF Seminar - Emanuele Ciani (Bank of Italy)
Machine Learning in the Service of Policy Targeting: The Case of Public Credit Guarantees (joint with M. Andini, A. D’Ignazio, M. Boldrini, G. De Blasio, A. Paladini)
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Wednesday, 28 November 2018 – h. 13.00
Lunch talk - Agnese Leonello (European Central Bank)
The interdependence of bank capital and liquidity (joint with Elena Carletti, Itay Goldstein)
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Wednesday, 19 December 2018 – h. 13.00
CSEF Seminar - (JM) Alessio Piccolo (University of Oxford)
Executive Compensation and Short-Termism
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