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CSEF - Center for Studies in Economics and Finance

27 June 2011 – 1 July 2011
7th CSEF-IGIER Symposium on Economics and Institutions (CISEI)

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Participants’ list

Monday, 27 June 2011

Afternoon Session: Consumption

13.30–14.30 Registration

14.30–15.14 Christopher Carroll (Johns Hopkins University), Macrofoundations of Microeconomics

15.15–16.00 Mario Padula (Università Ca’ Foscari and CSEF), Investment in Financial Literacy and Saving Decisions (joint with T. Jappelli)

16.00–16.30 Coffee Break

16.30–17.15 Dimitris Christelis (SHARE, CSEF, and CFS), Consumption, Unemployment and Wealth Shocks in the Wake of the Great Recession (joint with D. Georgarakos and T. Jappelli)

17.15–18.00 Loretti Isabella Dobrescu (University of New South Wales), Why Aren’t Developed Countries Saving? (joint with L.J. Kotlikoff and A. Motta)

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Morning Session: Micro Theory

9.30–10.15 Andrea Prat (London School of Economics), Screening with an Approximate Type Space (joint with K. Madarász)

10.15–11.00 Andrew Newman (Boston University), Loopholes: Social Learning and the Evolution of Contract Form (joint with P. Jehiel)

11.00–11.30 Coffee break

11.30–12.00 Marco Pagnozzi (Università di Napoli Federico II and CSEF), Vertical Separation with Private Contracts (joint with S. Piccolo)

12.00–12.30 Daniela Fabbri (University of Amsterdam), The Commitment Problem of Secured Lending (joint with A.M. Menichini)

12-30–13.00 Judit Montoriol Garriga (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona), Firms as Liquidity Providers: Evidence from the 2007-2008 Financial Crisis (joint with E.A. Garcia Appendini)

13.00–14.30 Lunch

Afternoon session: Political Economy

14.30–15.15 James Snyder (MIT), Benefits and Costs of Primary Elections

15.15–16.00 Tommaso Nannicini (Università Bocconi e IGIER), Tying Your Enemy’s Hands in Close Races: The Politics of Federal Transfers in Brazil (joint with F. Brollo)

16.00–16.30 Coffee break

16.30–17.15 Andreas Madestam (Università Bocconi and IGIER), Shaping the Nation: Estimating the Impact of Fourth of July Using a Natural Experiment (joint with D. Yanagizawa-Drott)

17.15–18.00 Riccardo Puglisi (Università di Pavia e Centro Studi Luca d’Agliano), What do Ads Buy? Daily Coverage of Listed Companies on the Italian Press (joint with M. Gambaro)

Wednesday 29 June 2011

Morning Session: Finance

9.30–10.15 Pietro Veronesi (Chicago University), Uncertainty about Government Policy and Stock Prices (joint with L. Pastor)

10.15–11.00 Marco Pagano (Università di Napoli Federico II and CSEF), Accounting Transparency, Tax Pressure and Access to Finance (joint with A. Ellul, T. Jappelli and F. Panunzi)

11.00–11.30 Coffee break

11.30–12.00 Giovanni Puopolo (Università Bocconi, IGIER and CSEF), Firm Migration and Stock Returns

12.00–12.30 Alessandro Beber (University of Amsterdam), Pricing Liquidity Risk with Different Investment Horizons (joint with J. Driessen and P. Tuijp)

12.30–13.00 Cristina Cella (Stockholm School of Economics), Investors’ Horizons and the Amplification of Market Shocks (joint with A. Ellul and M. Giannetti)

13.30–14.30 Lunch
Afternoon session: Industrial Organization

14.30–15.15 Giacomo Calzolari (Università di Bologna), Competition with Exclusive Contracts and Market Share Discounts

15.15–16.00 Jeanine Miklos-Thal (University of Rochester), Buyer Power and Interlocking Vertical Relations

16.00–16.30 Coffee break

16.30–17.00 Elisabetta Iossa (Università di Roma Tor Vergata), Building Reputation for Contract Renewal: Implications for Performance Dynamics and Contract Duration (joint with P. Rey)

17.00–17.30 Emilio Calvano (Università Bocconi and IGIER), The Impact of the Internet on Advertising Markets for News Media (joint with S. Athey and J.S. Gans)

17.30–18.00 Sarah Draus (CSEF), The Certification Role of Listings

20.00 Social dinner

Thursday 30 June 2011

Morning Session: Micro Theory

9.30–10.15 Alessandro Pavan (Northwestern University), Price Discrimination in Many-to-Many Matching Markets (joint with R. Gomes)

10.15–11.00 Alberto Motta (University of New South Wales), Collusion and Selective Supervision

10.40–11.00 Coffee break

11.00–11.50 Piepaolo Battigalli (Università Bocconi and IGIER), Strategies and Interactive Beliefs in Dynamic Games (joint with A. Di Tillio and D. Samet)

11.50–12.40 Fulvio Ortu (Università Bocconi and IGIER), Envelope Theorems in Banach Lattices (joint with A. Battauz and M. De Donno)

12.40–14.00 Lunch

Afternoon session: Experiments/Behavioural

14.30–15.15 Botond Koszegi (University of California Berkeley), A Model of Focusing in Economic Choice (joint with A. Szeidl)

15.15–16.00 Joshua B. Miller (Università Bocconi and IGIER), Experiential vs.Observational Learning: Over-weighting Experience (joint with Z. Maniadis)

16.00–16.30 Coffee break

16.30–17.00 Francesco Drago (Università di Napoli Parthenope and CSEF), Social Pressure, Social Interactions and Compliance Behavior: Evidence from a Large Scale Field Experiment (joint with F. Mengel and C. Traxler)

17.00–17.30 Eleonora Patacchini (Università di Roma La Sapienza), Dynamic Aspects of Teenage Friendships and Educational Attainment (joint with E. Rainone and Y. Zenou)

17.30–18.00 Giovanni Immordino (Università di Salerno and CSEF), Regulating Prostitution: Theory and Evidence from Italy (joint with F.F. Russo)

Friday 1 July 2011

Morning Session: Macro Finance

9.30–10.15 Carlo Favero (Università Bocconi and IGIER), Demographics and the Behaviour of Interest Rates (joint with A.E. Gozluklu and H. Yang)

10.15–11.00 Matteo Ciccarelli (European Central Bank), Monetary Policy Analysis in Real-Time. Vintage Combination from a Real-time Dataset (joint with C. Altavilla)

11.00–11.30 Coffee break

11.30–12.00 Marco Maffezzoli (Università Bocconi and IGIER), Tax Evasion under Market Incompleteness

12.00–12.30 Claudio Tebaldi (Università Bocconi and IGIER), The Relative Leverage Premium (joint with F. Ippolito and R. Steri)

12.30–13.00 Saverio Simonelli (Università di Napoli Federico II and CSEF), Fiscal Policy after a Disaster: Evidence from the 1980-81 Earthquake in the South of Italy (joint with A. Acconcia and G. Corsetti)

13.00 Lunch