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CSEF - Center for Studies in Economics and Finance

1 September 2002 – 0000
Economics of Ageing in Europe

The overall objective of the research network on the Economics of Ageing in Europe is to improve our understanding of the economic decisions of the elderly, in particular with respect to saving, portfolio choice, retirement, health expenditures, and intergenerational transfers. Appropriate empirical modelling of issues relating to the economics of aging needs to recognise that individuals and households take intertemporal decisions in order to provide resources for their old age. Understanding the nature of these decisions, and the way in which these decisions react to changes in household circumstances, both currently and potentially in the future, is an important component of policy analysis in this area.

The project is subdivided into six themes, each aimed at distinguishing a dimension in which empirical microeconomics can inform policy analysis at the national and European level. These are: ageing and household saving; pensions, social security and labour market behaviour; the relation between health and economic resources; saving and portfolio decisions; consumption and material living standards of the elderly; intergenerational transfers and the role of family transfers and the interaction with state transfers.
The research program in Ecomics of Ageing has been recently financed by the EU under its RTN Program. CSEF coordinates an international team, which includes CentER (Tilburg University), Università Cà Foscari (Venezia), IFS (London), Universität Mannheim, DELTA-INRA (Paris), University of Copenaghen and University of Cyprus. CSEF also coordinates a national network on releted issues of saving, pensions and portfolio choice including University of Rome Tor Vergata, University of Padova and Bocconi University, University of Venezia and Bocconi University.