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CSEF - Center for Studies in Economics and Finance

14 January 2003 – h 15.00
Natalia Utrero González (Universidad Carlos III, Madrid)
Legal environment, capital structure and firm growth: international evidence from industry data

21 January 2003 – h 15.00
Loriana Pelizzon (Università di Padova and LBS) and Guglielmo Weber (Università di Padova, CEPR e IFS)
Are Italian Household Portfolios Efficient? A Mean-Variance Analysis Conditional on Housing

22 January 2003 – h 15.00
Olivier Bochet (Brown University)
Switching from Complete to Incomplete Information in Exchange Economies: Static Mechanism

29 January 2003 – h 15.00
Alex Frino (University of Sidney), David Johnstone (University of Wollongong) and Hui Zheng (University of Sidney)
The Propensity for Local Traders in Futures Markets to Ride Losses: Evidence of Irrational or Rational Behavior?

4 February 2003 – h 15.00
Alexei Goriaev (Tilburg University)
Mutual Fund Tournament: Risk Taking Incentives Induced by Ranking Objectives

5 February 2003 – h 13.00
Fany Declerck (Université de Toulouse)
An Empirical Analysis of Brokers’ Dual Trading in an Order-Driven Stock Market: Evidence from Euronext Paris

11 February 2003 – h 15.00
Rebeca Jimenez (University of Alicante)
Oil Price Shock: A Non-Linear Approach

18 February 2003 – h 15.00
Pavel Cizek (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin)
Adaptive Robust Estimation with Discrete Explanatory Variables

25 February 2003 – h 15.00
Sergio Destefanis (University of Salerno)
Measuring Macroeconomic Performance through a Non-parametric Taylor Curve

11 March 2003 – h 15.00
Salvatore Capasso (CNR, CSEF, University of Salerno, and University of Manchester)
Bankruptcy Costs, Dilution Costs and Stock Market Fluctuations

18 March 2003 – h 15.00
Eliana Laferrara and M. Guidolin (Università Bocconi)
Diamonds are forever, wars are not. Conflict diamonds and the valuation of firms

25 March 2003 – h 15.00
Denis Gromb (LBS) and David Scharfstein (MIT)
Entrepreneurship in Equilibrium

1 April 2003 – h 15.00
Helmut Bester (Free University Berlin)
Externalities and the Allocation of Decision Rights in the Theory of the Firm

8 April 2003 – h 15.00
Giovanni Immordino (CSEF, University of Salerno)
Fairness, NGO Activism and the Welfare of Less Developed Countries

15 April 2003 – h 15.00
Marco Cipriani (George Washington University) and Antonio Guarino (University College London)
Herd Behavior and Contagion in Financial Markets
Herding and Price Convergence in a Laboratory Financial Market
Wednesday 30 April 2003 – h 15.00
Raquel Fonseca (Università di Salerno)
On the interaction between unemployment and inter-regional mobility in Spain

6 May 2003 – h 15.00
Olivier Compte (Ecole nationale des Ponts et Chaussées)
Bargaining with Reference Dependent Preferences

20 May 2003 – h 15.00
Bruno Jullien (CNRS, Université des Sciences Sociales de Toulouse) e Thomas Mariotti (Université des Sciences Sociales de Toulouse)
Auction and the Informed Seller Problem

27 May 2003 – h 15.00
Luigi Pistaferri (Stanford University and CSEF, Università di Salerno)

3 June 2003 – h 15.00
Elena Laureana del Mercato (Università di Salerno) and Antonio Villanacci
Taxes and Money in Incomplete Financial Markets

16 September 2003 – h 15.00
Thepthida Soprasheuth (Universite d’ Evry, France), François Langot and Jean-Olivier Hairault
Social Security Reforms: Incentives and Retirement Behavior

7 October 2003 – h 15.00
Andrea Ichino (European University Institute)
Clean Evidence on Peer Effetcts

14 October 2003 – h 15.00
Stijn Claessens (University ofi Amsterdam and CEPR), Daniela Klingebiel, and Sergio L. Schmukler (World Bank) Accessing International Equity Markets: What Firms from Which Countries Go Abroad?

21 October 2003 – h 15.00
Maria Concetta Chiuri (Università di Bari) and Francois Bourguignon (World Bank and Delta, Paris)
Labor Market Time and Home Production: a New Test for Collective Models of Intra-household Allocation

28 October 2003 – h 15.00
Thomas Steinberger (Università di Salero)
Social Security and Entrepreneurial Activity

4 November 2003 – h 15.00
Tullio Jappelli, Mario Padula (University of Salerno), and Renata Bottazzi (IFS, London)
Retirement Expectations and Pension Reforms

11 November 2003 – h 15.00
Mike Burkart (Stockholm School of Economcs)
In–Kind Finance: A Theory of Trade Credit

18 November 2003 – h 15.00
Salvatore Piccolo (Università di Salerno)
Resale Price Manteinance under Asymmetric Information

2 December 2003 – h 15.00
Luca Casolaro, Dario Focarelli and Alberto Franco Pozzolo (Università del Molise)
The Pricing Effect of Certification on Bank Loans: Evidence from the Syndicated Credit Market

16 December 2003 – h 14.30
Marco Pagnozzi (Università di Salerno)
Post-Auctions Takeovers