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CSEF - Center for Studies in Economics and Finance

Tuesday 16 January 2001 - h 13.00
Stefan AMBEC (CSEF Università di Salerno) and Yves Sprumont (University of Montreal)
Sharing a river

Wednesday 17 January 2001 – h 13.00
Andrea VINDIGNI (European University Institute)
Uncertainty and the Politics of Employment Protection

Tuesday 23 January 2001 – h 13.00
Daniela FABBRI (Universitat Pompeu Fabra and Università di Napoli Federico II) and Mario Padula (Università di Salerno)
Judicial System and Household Debt

Wednesday 24 January 2001 – h 15.00
Laurent Calvet (Harvard University), Martin Gonzales-Eiras (Universidad de San Andres) and Paolo SODINI (MIT)
Financial Innovation, Market Participation and Asset Prices

Tuesday 6 February 2001 – h 13.00
Julian MESSINA (European University Institute)
The Role of Product Market Regulations in the Process of Structural Change

Tuesday 6 February 2001 – h 14.00
B. Douglas Bernheim (Stanford University ), Lorenzo FORNI (Banca d’Italia), Jagadeesh Gokhale (Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland) and Laurence J. Kotlikoff (Boston University)
The Mismatch Between Life Insurance Holdings and Financial Vulnerabilities: Evidence from the Health and Retirement Survey

Wednesday 7 February 2001 – h 14.00
Competition with Moral Hazard: Some Applications

Wednesday 7 February 2001 – h 15.00
Eva CARCELES POVEDA (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)
Asset Prices and Business Cycles Under Market Incompleteness

Wednesday 14 February 2001 – h 14.00
Financing Constraints, Irreversibility, and Firm Dynamics: Theory and Empirical Evidence

Tuesday 27 February 2001 – h 13.00
Elena DEL REY (CSEF, Università di Salerno)
Optimal Redistribution when the Educational Background Matters

Wednesday 28 February 2001 – h 14.00
G. Bloise and Pietro REICHLIN (Università di Roma "La Sapienza")
Risk and Intermediation in a Dual Financial Market Model

Wednesday 14 March 2001 – h 15.00
Salvatore MODICA (Università di Palermo)
Buy-or-sell Equilibria in a Trading Game

Wednesday 28 March 2001 – h 15.00
Giacomo CALZOLARI (Università di Bologna) and Alessandro Pavan (University of Toulouse and MIT)
Optimal Design of Privacy Policies

Monday 2 April-Thursday 5 April 2001
Jörg BLASIUS (University of Oxford)
Lessons of Correspondence Analysis - CA (Programme)

Tuesday 3 April 2001 – h 13.00
Emilia DEL BONO (University of Oxford)
Total Fertility Rates and Female Participation in Great Britain and Italy: Estimation of a Reduced Form Model Using Regional Panel Data

Wednesday 4 April 2001 – h 15.00
Giancarlo CORSETTI (Yale University and Università di Bologna)
International Dimensions of Optimal Monetary Policy

Tuesday 10 April 2001 – h 13.00
Emanuela SCIUBBA (University of Cambridge)
Relative Performance and Herding in Financial Markets

Wednesday 11 April 2001 - h 13.00
Klaus ADAM (Fondazione Carisal and CSEF, Università di Salerno)
Adaptive Learning and the Cyclical Behaviour of Output and Inflation

Tuesday 24 April 2001 – h. 13.00
Cristophe DEISSENBERG (Université de la Méditerannée, Aix Marseilles II) and Francisco Alvarez Gonzales (Universidad Complutense, Madrid)
Cheating for the Common Benefit in a Macroeconomic Policy Game

Wednesday 2 May 2001 – h. 15.00
Makoto TAKASHIMA (University of Nagasaki)
Japanese Network Economy

Tuesday 8 May 2001 - h. 15.00
Andres Almazan (University of Texas) and Javier SUAREZ (CEMFI, Madrid)
Entrenchment and Severance Pay in Optimal Governance Structures

Wednesday 9 May 2001 - h. 13.00
Mario EBOLI (II Università di Napoli)
Entrepreneurship, Knowledge and Innovation

Tuesday 15 May 2001, h 15.00
Pierpaolo BENIGNO (New York University)
Optimal Monetary Policy in a Currency Area

Tuesday 15 May 2001, h. 16.30
Francesco SQUINTANI (University of Rochester):
Optimal Contracts under Generalized Verifiability Correspondences

Tuesday 22 May 2001, h 15.00
Davide LOMBARDO (Stanford University)
Is there a Cost to Poor Institutions?

Tuesday 22 May 2001, h. 16.30
Claudia OLIVETTI (University of Pennsylvania)
Changes in Women’s Hour of Market Work: the Effect of Changing Returns to Experience

Tuesday 29 May, h. 13.00
Luigi VENTURA (Università di Roma La Sapienza)
Consumption insurance and entrepreneurial risk: evidence from Italian micro-data

Monday 29 October 2001 – h 15.00
Oliver Blanchard (MIT) and Francesco GIAVAZZI (IGIER, Università Bocconi)
Macroeconomic Effects of Regulation and Deregulation of Goods and Labor Markets

Tuesday 30 October 2001 – h 13.00
Klaus ADAM (Università di Salerno)
Optimal Monetary Policy Inertia with Information Processing Contrasints

Tuesday 6 November 2001 – h 13.00
Marco PAGANO (Università di Salerno)
Managers, Workers, and Corporate Control

Wednesday 7 November 2001 – h 15.00
Alessandra Pelloni (Università di Sassari and University of Manchester) and Robert WALDMANN (Università di Roma “Tor Vergata”)
Welfare in a Model of Endogenous Technical Change

Tuesday 13 November 2001 - h 13.00
Giovanni IMMORDINO (Università di Salerno)
No logo

Wednesday 14 November 2001 – h 15.00
Matthew Jackson (Caltech) and Antonio NICOLO’ (Università di Padova)
The Strategy-Proof Provision of Public Goods under Congestion

Monday 19 November 2001 - h 12.00
Harald UHLIG (Humboldt Universität zu Berlin)
Did the Fed Surprise the Markets in 2001? A case study for VARs with sign restrictions

Tuesday 27 November 2001 – h 13.00
Francesca Bettìo (Università di Siena) and Fernanda MAZZOTTA (Università di Salerno)
Il Salario di Riserva è davvero più alto al Sud? Nuovi Riscontri sul Panel Europeo

Tuesday 4 December 2001 – h 13.00
Klaus Adam and Mario PADULA (Università di Salerno)
Subjective Expectations and the Input/Output Trade-Off

Tuesday 11 December 2001 – h 15.00
Carlo ALTAVILLA (Università di Salerno and Université Catholique de Louvain)
The Euro Exchange Rate and the Monetary Policy Transmission in the Euro Area

Wednesday 12 December 2001 – h 15.00
Giacinta CESTONE (Universitat Autonoma Barcelona)
Venture Capital Meets Contract Theory: Risky Claims or Formal Control?

Wednesday 19 December 2001 – h 15.00
Giovanni CESPA (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)
Towards the Stakeholder Society? The Role of Socially Responsible Investment, Shareholder Advocacy, and Ethic Indexes