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CSEF - Center for Studies in Economics and Finance


Asymmetries of Information in Centralized Order-Driven Markets
Nicolas BOCCARD (CORE, University of Louvain) and Riccardo Calcagno (Tilburg University)

Stima indiretta
Giorgio CALZOLARI (Università di Firenze)


Disability Insurance and Labor Supply
Hielke BUDDELMEYER (New York University)

Household Characteristics and the Distribution of Income
Conchita D’AMBROSIO (New York University)

Health Insurance and Consumer Welfare: the Case of Monopolistic Drug Markets
Berthold WIGGER (University of Mannheim and CSEF)

The Fall and Rise of Earnings Inequality in Italy. A Semiparametric Analysis of the Role of Institutional and Market Forces
Marco MANACORDA (University College London and University College Berkeley)

Comparison Utility and Precautionary Saving
Patrick TOCHE (University of Oxford)

Organizational Design of R&D Activities
Stefan AMBEC (Green, Universitè Laval, Canada)

Enforceability and Risk-sharing in Financial Contracts: from the Sea Loan to the Commenda in late Medieval Venice
Yadira GONZALEZ DE LARA (Stanford University)

Learning in OLG Model with Imperfect Competition
Klaus ADAM (Istituto Universitario Europeo)

Hormone Beefs, Chloridric Chicken and International Trade: Can Scientific Uncertainty Be an Informational Barrier to Trade?
Giovanni IMMORDINO (Università di Tolosa)

Optimal Unemployment Compensation with Utility Bounds
Nicola PAVONI (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)

Loan Contracts without Committment
Peter SIMMONS (University of York)


Artificial Intelligence Tools for Economic Analysis: A Tutorial
Mario EBOLI (Seconda Università di Napoli)

The Computational Cost of Inference
Mario EBOLI (Seconda Università di Napoli)

Capital Subsidies versus Employment Subsidies: A Trade-off Between Capital and Employment?
Alberto PETRUCCI (LUISS and Università di Macerata) and E.S. Phelps (Columbia University)

Did Financial Shocks Disproportionately Hit Small Businesses in Asia? Evidence from Malaysia and the Republic of Korea
Ilker Domaç (World Bank) and Giovanni FERRI (Università di Bari and World Bank)

Higher Education Provision and Finance
Elena DEL REY (CORE, Université de Louvain)

Does Volatility Pay?
Giovanni BARONE-ADESI (Università della Svizzera Italiana)

Does Limited Bankruptcy Cause People to Be Credit Constrained
Charles Benedict GRANT (University College London)


Information spillovers and factor adjustment
Luigi Guiso (Università di Sassari and Ente Luigi Einaudi) and Fabiano SCHIVARDI (Bank of Italy)

The Cycle of Corporate Distress, Rescue and Dissolution: A Study of Small and Medium Size UK Companies
Oren SUSSMAN (London Business School)


Dynamic Risksharing in the United States and Europe
Federico ASDRUBALI (European University Institute)

Labour Supply and Incentive: an Empirical Application of Optimal Tax Theory
F. Bourguignon (DELTA, Paris) and Amedeo SPADARO (DELTA, Paris, and Universitat de les Illes Balears)

Sorting and Long-Run Inequality
Raquel FERNANDEZ (New York University and London School of Economics)

Capital Market Imperfections and Bank’s Loan Supply: Does the Structure of the Bank Sector Matter?
Charlotte OSTEERGARD (Financial Group Market of the London School of Economics)

The Impact of Lobbying on the Allocation of Political Authority
Sonia FALCONIERI (Ente Luigi Einaudi) and Moez Bennouri

Intertemporal Choice and Consumption Mobility
Tullio JAPPELLI (CSEF, Università di Salerno and CEPR) and Luigi Pistaferri (Stanford University)


Bank intervention and information manipulation
Aleix CALVERAS (Universitat de les Illes Balears and CSEF, University of Salerno)

Psychological Traits and Trading Strategies
Bruno Biais, D. Hilton, K. Mazurier and Sébastien POUGET (Université de Toulouse and CSEF, University of Salerno)


Labour Demand and Financial Market Imperfections
Giovanni PICA (Universitat Pompeu Fabra and Università di Napoli Federico II)

Limit Order Book Transparency and Depth: Empirical Evidence from Sydney and New Zealand Futures Exchanges

Alex FRINO (University of Sydney and Sydney Futures Exchange)

Corporate Finance and the New Economy
Nicolas BOCCARD (CSEF Università di Salerno and CORE)

The Walrasian Tâtonnement to Economize on Cognitive Transaction Costs: An Experiment
Sébastien POUGET (CSEF Università di Salerno and Université de Toulouse)

Promotion Probabilities vs. Exits
Edwin Van GAMEREN (Social and Cultural Planning Office - Den Haag) and Maarten Lindeboom (Tinbergen Institute and Free University of Amsterdam)


Competitive Prices in Markets with Search and Information Frictions
Klaus ADAM (European University Institute and CSEF)

Voluntary Lender-Responsibility Agreements in the Consumer Credit Market
Elisabetta Jossa (Brunel University) and Giuliana PALUMBO (European University Institute)

Decentralizing Incentive Efficient Allocations of Economies with Adverse Selection
Piero GOTTARDI (Università Cà Foscari, Venezia)

How to Take an Exam if you Must. Bargaining with a Deadline
Hsueh-Ling HUYNH (Boston University)


Network Economies for the Internet
Hans GÖTTINGER (CSEF Università di Salerno)

Asset Prices under Bounded Rationality and Noise Traders
Roberto MONTE (Università di Tor Vergata), E. Barucci and M. Giuli

Early Retirement
Vincenzo GALASSO (Universidad Carlos III, Madrid and Università Bocconi, Milano)