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CSEF - Center for Studies in Economics and Finance


  • A plan to stabilize the euro area
    L'Espresso interviews Marco Pagano on the proposal of introducing European Safe Bonds ("ESBies") to break the diabolic loop between banks and sovereigns in the euro area.
  • New "After Piketty" book presented at CUNY - New York
    The new book "After Piketty: the future agenda for economics and inequality" was presented on May 11 2017 at the Graduate Center - CUNY, New York with the participation of Heather Boushey, Janet Gornick, Paul Krugman, Branko Milanovic, and our CSEF fellow Salvatore Morelli. Morelli has also contributed to the new book with a chapter on "rising inequality and economic instabilty".
  • Two EIEF grants awarded to CSEF Fellows
    Emilio Calvano, Giovanni Immordino and Annalisa Scognamiglio receive a grant for a project on perceived ability and popularity. Edoardo Di Porto gets another for a project on regularizing migrant workers.
  • Seventh Edition of the Prize in Memory of Maria Concetta Chiuri
    CSEF Fellow Roberto Nisticò has been awarded the 2017 Etta Chiuri Prize with the paper "The effect of parental job loss on child school dropout: evidence from the occupied Palestinian territories" (joint with Michele Di Maio)
  • Call for papers on household finance
    The CEPR Network on Household Finance will hold a Workshop on Household Finance in Sardinia on 6-7 October 2017.
  • Call for papers – Fifth Conference on Household Finance and Consumption
    The European Central Bank jointly with the Banque de France organise the Fifth Conference on Household Finance and Consumption. The event will be held in Paris on 14-15 December, 2017

Forthcoming seminars & events

Wednesday, 20 September 2017 – h. 13.00
Lunch talk - Dimitris Christelis University of Naples Federico II and Csef
Tuesday, 26 September 2017 – h. 13.00
CSEF Seminar - Antonio Guarino University College London
Wednesday, 27 September 2017 – h. 13.00
CSEF Seminar - Simone Tonin Durham University
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Recent & forthcoming publications

Altavilla C, M. Pagano and S. Simonelli,
Bank Exposures and Sovereign Stress Transmission , forthcoming in Review of Finance
Cingano F., M. Leonardi, G. Pica and J. Messina,
Employment Protection Legislation, Capital Investment and Access to Credit: Evidence from Italy , The Economic Journal, 2016, 126(595), pp. 1798–1822
Di Maggio M. and M. Pagano,
Financial Disclosure and Market Transparency with Costly Information Processing , forthcoming in Review of Finance
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Working papers

August Kati Kraehnert , Tilman Brück , Michele Di Maio and Roberto Nisticò The Effects of Conflict on Fertility: Evidence from the Genocide in Rwanda
August Marco Pagano and Luca Picariello Talent Discovery, Layoff Risk and Unemployment Insurance
August Vincenzo Atella, Edoardo Di Porto and Joanna Kopinska Heterogenous Mechanisms in WWII Stress Transmission: Evidence from a Natural Experiment
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Blog posts & articles

8 August Vittoria Cerasi, Sebastian M. Deininger, Leonardo Gambacorta, Tommaso Oliviero Post-crisis regulation and CEO bonuses ,
28 June Yi Huang, Marco Pagano, Ugo Panizza The Dark Side of the Chinese Fiscal Stimulus: Evidence from Local Government Debt , VoxChina
9 June Salvatore Morelli Is growing inequality hurting our economies? , Washington Center for Equitable Growth
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