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Forthcoming seminars

Tuesday, 3 February 2015 – h. 17.30
CSEF Seminar - Alex Solis (Uppsala University)
Does Higher Education Cause Political Participation?: Evidence From a Regression Discontinuity Design
Tuesday, 10 February 2015 – h. 17.30
CSEF Seminar - Hector Calvo Pardo (University of Southampton)
Subjective Return Expectations, Information and Portfolio Choice
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Working papers

January Salvatore Morelli and Anthony B. Atkinsony Inequality and Crises Revisited
January Giacinta Cestone, Chiara Fumagalli, Francis Kramarz and Giovanni Pica (Why) Are Internal Labor Markets Active in French Business Groups?
January Chiara Fumagali and Massimo Motta On the Use of Price-cost Tests in Loyalty Discounts: Which Implications from Economic Theory?
December Sergio Beraldo, Valerio Filoso and Marco Stimolo Endogenous Preferences and Conformity: Evidence from a Laboratory Experiment
November Giovanni Cespa and Xavier Vives The Beauty Contest and Short-Term Trading
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Recent publications

Immordino G. and F.F. Russo,
Regulating Prostitution: an Health Risk Approach , Journal of Public Economics, 2015, vol. 121, pp. 14-31
Acconcia A., G. Corsetti and S. Simonelli,
Mafia and Public Spending: Evidence on the Fiscal Multiplier from a Quasi-Experiment , American Economic Review, 2014, vol. 104(7), pp. 2185-2209
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