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Forthcoming seminars

Wednesday, 22 October 2014 – h. 13.30
Lunch Talk - Giuseppe Corbisiero (PhD Student - University of Mannheim)
Banks’ Home Bias and Credit Traps in a Monetary Union
Tuesday, 28 October 2014 – h. 17.30
CSEF Seminar - Moritz Schularick ( University of Bonn )
Betting the House
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Working papers

October Susan Athey, Emilio Calvano and Joshua S. Gans The Impact of the Internet on Advertising Markets for News Media
October Attila Ambrus, Emilio Calvano, and Markus Reisinger Either or Both Competition: A "Two-sided" Theory of Advertising with Overlapping Viewerships
October Sergio Beraldo, Massimiliano Piacenza and Gilberto Turati «Must Reward Hard Work»? An Experiment on Personal Responsibility and Preferences for Redistribution
October Michela Ponzo and Vincenzo Scoppa Does the Home Advantage Depend on Crowd Support? Evidence from Same-Stadium Derbies
October Andrew Ellul, Chotibhak Jotikasthira, Christian T. Lundblad and Yihui Wang Is Historical Cost Accounting a Panacea? Market Stress, Incentive Distortions, and Gains Trading
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Recent publications

Menichini A.M.C and P. Simmons,
Sorting the Good Guys from Bad: On the Optimality of Deterministic Audit under Ex-ante Information Acquisition , Economic Theory, 2014, 57(2), pp. 339-376.
Immordino G. and M. Polo,
Antitrust in Innovative Industries: The Optimal Legal Standards , International Review of Law and Economics, 2014, 40, pp. 36-50
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